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ok, my turn to ask a question. what is love? why do people ... fall in it? whats so good about it? when do you know your in it?
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This is actually a tough one. Since I've never really been in a relationship and have never been in love with someone other than brief crushes, I may not be the best person to try to answer it, but I'll attempt to explain a thought I have on the matter....

Maybe we should ask what isn't love.

I think a big problem with relationships today and the way friendships begin and take off have to do with "love that isn't love".

Lust is not love. Sexual attraction is not love. The sex act is not love.

Here's a good question to ask... Suppose the person you "love" became non-sexually attractive to you and incapable of sexual activity. Would you still love the person?

I have an interesting problem, since I have no desire to have sex with anyone. I enjoy affection with people, but finding a person to be affectionate without sexual desire entering into it is very difficult. It happens about twice a year, at most, for me, on the average. It actually happened earlier tonight for me, which was strange and unexpected.

Love can be good and bad. It can create a lot of stress and negative emotions because worry about the status of the love from the other person and things like jealousy come into play if someone else is interested in the person. Real love should be unconditional and not of a sexual or possessive nature. Affection and sex should complement the love instead of being a necessary part of it.

Love iws good because it's a primary way of making us feel wanted. You know you're in it when you want another person and hope the person wants you back.
this is most likely the best answer anyone has ever said! thanks a LOT.
a very good answer indeed, did you also know that you can make post about whatever it is you may want to post?
what is love? do really want to know? well, its kind of like:
Gonna find my baby, gonna hold her tight
Gonna grab some Afternoon Delight
My motto's always been "When it's right, it's right."
Why wait until the middle of a cold, dark night?

When everythings a little clearer in the light of day
And we know that night is always gonna be here anyway?

Thinkin of you's working up my appetite
Lookin' forward to a little Afternoon Delight
Rubbin' sticks and stones together makes the sparks ignite
And the thought of lovin you is gettin' so exciting

Skyrockets in flight!
Afternoon Delight!
Afternoon Delight!
Afternoon Delight!
I love this quote! thanks!
haha thanks :)
its from anchor man, but it actually is a real song
love is all around us. we all love, some dont admit it, some dont relize it, but we all love and are all loved.
hm, I kind of see what your saying, yea, thanks!!!