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Name: K. B. Parker

Age: Sixteen!

Location: Michigan.

Hobbies: Reading! I love reading! Anything by: Dean Koontz...greatest man who ever lived! And writing! Lots of HP/DM slash...hehe... and books, I'm in the prosses of getting some acomplised soon! I love tennis and fencing! The two greatest sports ever made! I like just sitting around enojoing a lazy sunday, but when it comes to work, I like to take my time...see how long I can manage being sarcastic without getting the *shit* kicked out of me...I like listening to music...anything electronica/indie/new wave/techno/and club music. I lovelovelove doing something never happeneds, but when it does I am soooo happy and I brag about it and shove it in everyones face. ((cause I can))...and um, well I spend most of my life on the computer, buying my self tickets to not like that...and drinking tea. I am a very ((for the most part)) peaceful person. I like to control my anger issues. and I love making new friends...

Favorite Music/Band(s): Massive attack, The postal service, Death cab for cutie, astroid power up!, stars.and.rockets, Firebrand_boy, Harry and the Potters, Draco and the Malfoys, We are scientist, Jimmy eat world, Damine rice, David Mead, The killers, Coldplay, Bright eyes, Fredo Viola, James Blunt, Ice Cream Children, Trizio, 66e, Lisa Gerrard, 30 days of night, Fall out boy, Godsmack, Billy Talent, Al & DEL, The All American Rejects, Avenged Sevenfold, My chemical Romance, Beauty in the breakdown, sunny day real estate, Brian Ross, Bush, Coheed, David Lanz, Greenday, Goo Goo Dolls, HIM, Hawthorn Heights, Keane, DJ Alarm, Swichfoot...etc.etc.etc....

the list is so long..................I must stop now.........sorry.........

Favorite Movie(s): donnie darko, star wars, 40 year old virgin, moulin rouge, the day after tomorrow, the phantom of the opera, the virgin suicides, punch-drunk love, rebel without a cause, spider man, gladiator, grind, shawn of the dead, a beautiful mind, master and commander: the far side of the world, titanic, the aviator, the man in the iron mask, romeo + juliet, the godfather, meet the fockers, swim fan, harry potter, lord of the rings, blade, lost in translation, batman, ET, in good company, peter pan, sleeping beauty, love atually, i heart huckabees, under the tuscan sun, jarhead, brokeback mountain, but i'm a cheerleader..................

etc.etc.etc....a billion more......

Favorite Book(s): Harry Potter, Odd Thomas, The watcher, Kissing Doorknobs, Nothing but the truth, Seabiscut, Monkey King, Brave new world, The witch of blackbird pond, the old man and the sea, catcher in the rye, myst, the penguina dictionary of saints, shadow life, shadow in the wind, witness, hells bells and woman, the dead zone, a seires of unfortunate events, the five people you meet in heaven, the mob, walk two moons, heaven & hell, death be not proud, tao, calvin & hobbes, the big sleep, sams letters to jennifer, paridise of the blind, dinopix, the parinoid, modern english handbook, letters from a nut, ideas that changed the world, white darkness, the lost boy, my life as a multiple, dead run, living with art, the spiderwick chronicals, the chocolate war, jesus freak, zillings dreams, on the street where you live, surviving the apple whites, a christmas carol, the natrual way, the sun also rises, the vampire armard, gathering blue, hearts in alantice, lights of the veil, my sisters keeper, angles in america, tales of mystery and maddness, stiff, the watons go to brimmingham- 1963, wedded and parted, spy x, the sound and the fury, by the light of the moon, lonesome dove, peter and the starcatchers, life expectency, absolute victory, woe is I, fruites basket, juvinaille orion, why so many gods?, am I a hindu?, hunted ecounters, the koran, the middle ages, Girl 15, charming but insane, for woman only, missing monday, when zachary beaver came to town, being dead, demon seed, speak, the red tent, the chronicales of narnia, old possums book of practical cats, an ash-witch blond, a walk to remember, understanding human nature, the door to december, lightning, strangers, flowers in the attic, cold fire, dreamcatcher, ultiment spy, hawkes harbor, the outsiders, milkweed, silent to the bone, cut, tangerine, lirael, sabriel, loser, love that dog, star girl, palmistry, when the wind blows, alternitive realitys, bele teal, the haiku year, death and the arrow, false memory, the vine yard, the soviet school of chess, paramrtha prasanga, argartha, rhoda, lonly planets, flowers for algernon, I am the cheese, the jungle, king of the flies, out of the dust, phantom of a opera, interview with a vampire....and sooooo many more**

Favorite Sport(s): Tennis, Fencing, Soccar, and Rugby.

Do you like Harry Potter? Why? or why not? Yes. Because the idea of having a world of wizardry and magic and wars that involve Avada Kadavra is exciting, its that everyone would like this world to and adventurus....

What is your favorite quote, and why? omfg. I could come up with a billion....probably...

"In this city...there are no people. The lights are on in all the houses. But there's nobody on the streets. Are there people inside? I peek in a window to find out. There are people. But they are with them. I look in other houses. These people are with them, too. This city is just like all the rest. Being with them is fun. More fun than being with people. Nobody comes outside anymore. There are no people in this city. I will leave this city and go to another one. I hope that I will meet someone. Someone just for me. But if that special someone falls in love with me... I will have to leave that someone. Even so, I want to meet that special someone. This is what I think as I leave the city with no people."

-A City With No People
-from the anime Chobits

- or -

"He had a history of killing himself, I had a habit of dying.
I think he gave me something to live for."

Do you like Star Wars? Why or why not? Yes. Same for the answer to the Harry Potter question ((except its not magic...its the force))

What is your favorite holiday? Why? Thanksgiving and 4th of July. Because they are both personal celibrations of America's success. and hey both involve family get-togethers. I also like the fire works~

What is the most interesting thing ((in the world)) to you? Why? The human mind. Because it is capable of anything and everything. Its quite amazing what we can do with it, what it does to us, how it works, why it works. Were all are own robots.

If you were going to have a dinner party and were alowed to invite 4 different people, Dead, Alive, or Fitional, who would they be and why? Humorusly, Mad Hatter (fiction), Raberta Sparrow (fiction), and GOD (fiction/dead/alive). Because it would be fun to have a dinner part with crazy powerful people who can change the world. ~and Draco Malfoy (fiction), to snog in the back. hehe. But really,

Maximus Ursidus (dead), Alexander the Great (dead), My mum (alive), and Jing (fiction). First I would have a mounth long conersation with Alexander and Max. About how they lived, there lives, everything. I would want to know ever thing about my two heros. And I wouldd just like to have tea with Jing, he seems cool and I love his stories, so I'm sure we could have a nice conersation. and my mum because she likes Maximus, and it would only be polite to invite her...and such...

Do you know what HTML is? ~Yes~

Whats the 'coolest' thing about yourself? Why? I'm very honest. I think I make friends easily. I like everybody. And I think its cool that I'm dubble jointed in the thumbs/hands, cause I can do things you cant! ha.

What are your friends like? Sex craving werid-o's....haha. no. there nice. they are werid though. LOVE BOOKS! and anime. and other things to. I like my friends. I like buying my friends things and doing there homework....hehe.

Most my freinds are older than me, thats a known fact. I get along better with older people. We hold intelligent conversations mostly about weather, politics, sexuality, book reviwes, athermatics, procrastination, work ((I might be young but I hold a pretty good job)), and music.

Last Question: Do you think I'm cool, why or why not? Yes I think ((I'm)) your cool. silly, I'm you. And I have awesome self-esteam.

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