goodbye ruby tuesday (bananaa_boat) wrote in era_is_over,
goodbye ruby tuesday

Name: Jessica Leung

Age: 16

Location: canada,eh?

Hobbies: uh reading, LJ, horseback-riding (hah, first time i typed it out i accidentally typed: hoebackriding), music...

Favorite Music/Band(s): BSB AND SPICE GIRLS. and aqua. no joke

Favorite Movie(s): Love Actually, Stand by Me, Now and Then

Favorite Book(s): perks of being a wallflower, can you keep a secret?

Favorite Sport(s): horseback riding

Do you like Harry Potter? Why? or why not? YES. i freaking love HP. Why? because its awsome

What is your favorite quote, and why? The most recent quote that i found and was like: whoa when i read it--- "The less we know the more we believe" (or something like that) Bono. Why? because its so true

Do you like Star Wars? Why or why not? nah, was never really into that stuff

What is your favorite holiday? Why? Christmas, i hate the carols during it, but after they get stuck in my head. Well because its all..happy?

What is the most interesting thing ((in the world)) to you? Why? Mullets..who would honestly get one at their own free will? but at the same time its facinating

If you were going to have a dinner party and were alowed to invite 4 different people, Dead, Alive, or Fitional, who would they be and why? ohh..marilyn monroe (because i'd just love to meet her), ryan gosling (because i have a freaking crush on him after watching The NOtebook), Ron weasley (because he's my favorite HP character and i wish he was real), annnd Jay Leno (i wish i was famous, just so i could go on his show)

Do you know what HTML is? yes

Whats the 'coolest' thing about yourself? Why? the coolest thing? sh'meh. i can tie cherry stems with my tongue? is that cool? haha

What are your friends like? they're are freaking awsome

Last Question: Do you think I'm cool, why or why not? YOU ARE NOT COOL. joking =P. you're cool :)

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