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Name: Joesighia...sarah

Age: can i lie?

Location: Ypsituckie

Hobbies: music. making everybodys life *happy&gay* lalala...

Favorite Music/Band(s): mcr. fall out boy.

Favorite Movie(s): the ringer.

Favorite Book(s): the giver.

Favorite Sport(s): football.

Do you like Harry Potter? Why? or why not? yes. because there expressing the unknown world.

What is your favorite quote, and why? "HAI SATAN!" cause its the funnyest friggen thing ever...

Do you like Star Wars? Why or why not? no. because there shinny.

What is your favorite holiday? Why? christmahanaquanzaka. cause its all over us to gether at once ((in the CIRCLE of life))

What is the most interesting thing ((in the world)) to you? Why? death. cause its.....well thats what lifes about....duh.

If you were going to have a dinner party and were alowed to invite 4 different people, Dead, Alive, or Fitional, who would they be and why?
Gerard Way (alive), Patrick Stump (alive), Pete Wentz (alive), and Kayla (you, dead)...cause there the most friggen awesomemust people in the world and we would have a blast.

Do you know what HTML is? yes. it is the thing on you computer.

Whats the 'coolest' thing about yourself? Why? personality, cause I'm a diffent minute. like right now I'm a fariy.

What are your friends like? all different kinds of people, no sluts.

Last Question: Do you think I'm cool, why or why not? yes I think your cool. very creative person.

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